New Neighbors, Pain Relief, and Trying to Get Motivated.

I haven’t posted lately because my meds have me knocked out. But, with new meds comes relief from the ever grinding, relentless pain. Remember when I posted about giving my pain a number? Well, I can honestly say that this makes it easier to pick a number. I am not in agonizing pain all day and my mood is improving dramatically because of it. I able to load the whole dishwasher, do some laundry (a light load), fold clothes, clean the bathroom, tidy the house a little… you know, feel useful and like I am doing something. I didn’t complete everything all in one round but hey, anything is better than sitting and playing online all day!

Now that I am on the right meds (Gabapentin, 800 mg of ibuprofen, and Methocarbomal) I can totally tell the nerve pain from the muscle spasm pain and arthritis pain. VERY different. The nerve pain is now numb… actually, I am very numb-feeling but happily so! I walked home from the store today (got a ride there) and I probably won’t be walking for a while. It HURTS so bad! By the time I was about two blocks from home, I was seriously questioning if I would make it home. If there was a good bench for sitting, I would have sat down… and probably would still be there. The pain was SO intense I started crying a little. Having to only worry about that being the worst pain (and all the nerve pain was still numb-ish) made it easier to deal with when I got home. I sat down and waited for the pain to subside. It did, for the most part. I and still achy but hey, I can handle achy. Achy is a great feeling after years of sharp shooting pain like hot lasers being shot through you!

Also, I have two new neighbors! Haven’t met them yet. I probably won’t meet them any time soon as I am mostly a hermit these days. I guess I would be called a recluse. Semi-recluse?

Now that I am not in horrible pain, and the meds are leveling out so I am awake more during my day (read as: middle of the night) I am working on getting more motivated. I started some drawing courses at DrawSpace. I am enjoying this! I love drawing! And my W-man bought me some art pencils. I LOVE THEM! Thank you, W-man! I drew my portrait but it looks NOTHING like me. Although, it does look like an honest to goodness person… from the  Doug universe… teeheehee. I used my creative license on that. I will try to get a picture up this week.

That means… I can start working on books! And hopefully start focusing on them more. I am going for kids books first so I can get something out there. I am also thinking about homeschool notebooks too. Someone suggested that, but I am not sure where to start on those.

For now, I am off to DrawSpace! I will hopefully be updating more now too! WOOT!