Happy Birthday To Dotchi!

Guess who turns 40 today! ME!

You know what that means? It means I should post a current picture of myself. I will have to see if I can get one taken and posted today.


AND I should post 40 things about me or something like that… but that would be a long ass list! Oh well! Here we go!

40 Things About Me … or Something

  1. The day before my birthday this year, we packed an emergency kit just in case we have to evacuate. I don’t think the fire is going to make it to the town but the smoke is killing our asthma.
  2. I like toes. There. I said it. I am a weirdo.
  3. I like hoodies. I am going to make one for the summertime. That is how much I like them.
  4. I can’t lift over 10 pounds without hurting myself. I am okay with this.
  5. I see my allergies as a blessing.
  6. I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May you be touched by his noodly appendages.
  7. I love pizza. My pizza is the best but my youngest son makes a pizza that tastes like cheap store-bought pizza and I totally dig that!
  8. I shaved my head to support a child with cancer. Go #TeamAlize!
  9. I have three tattoos and each one has a lot of meaning. I am getting more too!
  10. I love meeting new people… in small groups.
  11. I was first published in Parade Magazine when I was 16 years old. I answered a question they directed towards teens and young adults. They liked my answer and published it.
  12. I love coffee more than any other drink.
  13. Except maybe chocolate coffee.
  14. Actually, I love chocolate too.
  15. I also love Pepsi made with real sugar and Mexican Coca~Cola.
  16. I am working on a book…
  17. But anxiety has kept me from finishing it.
    1. I haven’t given up yet though!
  18. I had my first baby when I was 15 years old.
  19. He died in my arms when he was five days old.
  20. I had my next two babies at 19 and 23.
  21. I was 18 years old when I got married and I have been married for 21 years.
    1. (We have been separated for seven years though.)
  22. My ex and I are still friends (we like being friends, not partners)
  23.  I have a crush on someone… and no one will ever know who!
  24. My nickname for a time was Bubbles because I glued my ass to a chair with bubblegum. Not sure how that happened.
  25. Bubbles was also my clown name.
  26. Oh, yea, I was a clown for a couple of years and LOVED IT!
  27. I write poetry as a form of therapy. I have it close to book form. I hope to publish it soon.
  28. I once saved a friend and her four children’s lives… in the process, my best friend died.
  29. I quit smoking cigarettes February 14, 2014.
  30. I drink with reckless abandon once a year on New Year.
  31. That landed me in the emergency room this last New Year. (I drank something I was allergic to)
  32. I am rethinking that tradition.
  33. I love reading some Sci-Fi. I am currently reading 1632.
  34. Sports I love… fishing. Does hiking count? I can’t do that anymore but I will one day!
  35. My dream is helping the poor. Like creating food boxes for Thanksgiving, playing Santa, giving out summer fun boxes, feeding children who don’t get enough food.
  36. I dream of being a nomad and traveling place to place.
  37. I love photography.
  38. I am terrified of heights and the dark!
  39. I had to take my nose ring out. My body rejected it… so much so that it shot it out of my nostril and we never found it again. (I learned that is called migration)
  40. I am probably not going to have a cake this year… and I am okay with that because I got pizza!

Well that was fast! Dang, I may have to do something else like this. I was told people like these revealing things. Opinion? Questions you want to see answered (that aren’t on the 50 Questions list).