50 Questions: Seven Lessons I Learned From Being A Kid

What are 7 things you learned from being a kid?

1. Play when you have the time. Play hard and have fun. I really should have done a lot more of that. You never expect that you are going to hurt a lot and not be able to do what you want. So, while you can, get out and play and have fun!

2. Say NO a lot. Be loud and defiant if you need to. But don’t cave in just because it’s your friend, family, a doctor, or anyone else. If it doesn’t feel right, say no. And don’t be sorry you said it either. Unless it’s a police officer… there are limits.

3. Be honest. Don’t tell lies because it sounds better or you think you will get away with something. It will catch up with you eventually. When it does, you will love the trust of a LOT of people.

4. Eat dessert first. Is it really going to kill you to eat that cake before you eat a salad? No. You eat that cake first and enjoy it. Actually, there were times when dessert was a stand in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner… and we didn’t die!

5. Don’t listen to peer pressure. It will get you into trouble. Remember that time where your friend talked you into throwing the ball at someone’s face during dodge ball… and then you got to run laps the rest of P.E. In adulthood, doing something stupid like that will have you running laps on the jail’s track. don’t do it.

6. Be nice to people and they will be nice to you. I am still not sure about this one. I try to be nice. Mostly, I get people who are nice back. Sure there are people who are mean back. Assume they are having a bad day and don’t let it get to you.

7. Help others. Even if you laugh when your friend falls down (because that looked hilarious!) go help her out and make sure she is okay. Help the elderly, even if they beat your butt when you were little. They have seen some shit and been through hell. Make their day by helping them.

Sorry, no pics or memes today. I am too tired to do that LOL. I will make up for it tomorrow.

And those are the seven I could think of. I know. That sounds corny but they are true!

What did you learn as a kid?