50 Questions: My Obituary

Write your obituary.

Having never wrote an obituary before, I had to do some research to figure out what to put in it. I tried to have a little fun with it too since I am not that serious of a person. Since everyone posts their favorite picture of the person, I added mine too. One of my fears is that I will post this and then die the next day. LOL

Okay, here it is… my obituary.

Dotchi Anni Latham

Dotchi Anni Latham, 69, of Libby, MT left this crazy realm last Saturday after she was shanked for sarcasm. Her wit and sarcasm, was a gift she was known for among her family, friends, and quite a few enemies.

She was born in San Diego, California and raised everywhere else on Navy bases. She married a Navy man in 1994 and promptly moved to the backwoods of Tennessee where they stayed for ten years. In 2006 the family moved to San Diego where they lived on a boat named Epiphany which she named by accident during a drunken epiphany. Not long after that, she and her sons moved to Montana.

During her free time she enjoyed sleeping, making food, crochet, reading, blogging… yea, that’s about it. Her hobbies dwindled after a back injury in 2012. She turned to Minecraft to create worlds and entertain herself. She also became a staunch advocate for use of the Oxford comma, never using the word fishes, and banning the word “Ginormous” from the English language.

She is preceded in death by her son Brandon (1991). She leaves behind two sons, Miles and Mendel 2.0, three moms, three dads (it’s a long story. Ask at the memorial service) and too many brothers, sisters, cousins, etc to list here. If we did, we would have to buy the entire page in the newspaper.

Services will be held at the top of Whiskey Hill where part of her ashes will dumped into the blowing wind while family members yell, “THAR SHE BLOWS! She’s GONE WITH THE WIND!” (that is really in my will). The rest of her ashes will be used to plant a tree and it will be her memorial tree instead of the usual headstone.

Flowers can be sent to the nursing home or hospital where they will be appreciated by the elderly and infirm, by her request. In lieu of donations, please do not vote for Trump.

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  1. I’m not surprised after reading this blog for a little while that that would be your obituary! I like keeping it light hearted!

    I’m really sad to hear about your son Brandon though. Very happy to hear about the Trump request XD

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