A Letter To Myself…

Years ago when I was in therapy, I would write letters to myself as if I was writing it to someone else who was in my position. What would I say to them?

Dear Me,

I know this is stressful but you will make it through the day tomorrow just fine. You might cry. That’s okay. This is perfectly normal. I would worry about you if you didn’t cry!

Just remember, you have a plan of action for if you get disability and you have a plan of action for if you don’t get disability.

Your world isn’t going to end if you don’t get it. You still have support from your ex who is awesome at helping you out when you need it. You will still have a place to live, food to eat, people who love you, internet, clothes, your cute little cats, and lot more.

Just look at this as a way to help you decide what to do next. Remember how you would give the boys tests for homeschool and they would freak out? And you would tell them not to worry because it wasn’t a test to see how they were doing, it was a test to show you what you needed to teach them next. Look at this as not a hearing. It’s a way to help you decide which path you need to follow on life. Are you going to have disability and a stable life? Or do you need something else?

Either way… Here is a little crochet heart to take with you. It is to remind you that you still have support and love from a lot of people.

Yes, it is stressful. But it isn’t determining if you live or die… it is just determining what adventure you will have next.

Love Dotchi