Rambling Thoughts of the Day


I am working on the list of hobbies post… BUT it is taking longer than expected (because, you know, life).

In the meantime, I have thought a lot about my other blog and I think I should start posting once a week… or maybe every other week.

I have a mammogram on Wednesday… I think it’s Wednesday… Maybe it’s Thursday. I’ll have to look.

I was gifted a Samsung Galaxy type phone and have WordPress on it. It’s not a PHONE phone. Like, I can’t call anyone. It has no plan. BUT It is a great toy and wonderful for me to log, write, read, and all that good stuff. And the camera is AWESOME! So I may be posting more pictures on here.

I got denied disability. I still am having an issue with understanding what the judge said, since parts of it aren’t even about me, I am pretty sure. I don’t do karate. I am not in a relationship. I am not a vegetarian … not that it’s a bad thing, just… I am not. I will end up writing a long letter in reply to it, correcting all the false information. I am on page 4 and my letter is already on the second page.

Here is a pic of my medical cat, Gizmosis.

Well, I am done for now. Off to plan a life of homelessness. I have a van, so that is a plus. And I have about a year to plan it. This should be fun!