50 Questions: The Worst Christmas I Ever Had

My next 50 Questions is “The worst Christmas/Birthday you ever had?” just for the holiday season.

I haven’t really had a worse Christmas that I can think of. Instead, I will share a story of a year I thought it would be the worst Christmas and ended up being one of our best.

First… a Christmas picture from this year.

2015-12-25 16.40.10

Okay, now on to the story! I don’t have pictures of the year in question. Sorry. But here is what happened.

It was a rough year. We were being super frugal at this point and Christmas was coming up. We had chopped down a small cedar tree to decorate. It looked like Charlie Browns Christmas tree. Actually, his looked better.

We ended up having enough money to buy one small present per kid and I made homemade cocoa powder, added marshmallows to the mix, put that in a baggy, and placed it in cups I bought at the thrift store and made a little label for “Snowman Soup”. It was adorable. And that would be it for gifts.

We didn’t have anything planned for Santa that year. We usually played Santa for a family or donated to a local thrift store that was for the needy or bought presents for the Angel Tree. That year, we couldn’t do any of them. I was starting to feel a bit bummed out about the holiday.

Then my mom called and wanted to get our new address so she could send us “some presents” and left it pretty vague. She made it sound like we would each get a present and that would be it. It would be WAY better than the sparse little Christmas we were looking at though so I was thrilled!

I was not expecting what came in the mail. We got two HUGE boxes of presents. Each box was the size of a small refrigerator. Not the little itty bitty ones but one that is this size… an apartment sized fridge. And then another box that wasn’t as big but was a little more than half the size of the other two boxes.

I had to get help dragging them inside. I was so excited.

When my husband got home, we opened the boxes and put the wrapped presents under the tree. It suddenly looked like present overload. It was amazing! We also had a lot of food for Christmas a complete Christmas dinner. Bread mixes, yams, marshmallows, sugars, vegetables, cakes… a COMPLETE meal! And of course, cocoa mixes, candy canes, stocking stuffers, candies of all sorts… the WORKS.

I sat down and cried I was so thankful! I called my mom and thanked her profusely. What we expected would the worse Christmas ever was saved by someone being our Santa that year, just like we had done for others… actually, hers was about five times more awesome than we could ever do!

That year, the boys each got new coats, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, toys, books, games, rugs, and SO much more. To this day, we still talk about that Christmas. It was one that we expected would be slim and barely exciting. It was going to be Christmas, just very bare. We were getting the boys ready for it. We explained that sometimes we just don’t have the money and this year Christmas will only be one present. We just couldn’t afford it. I said I was making things for them (and I did) and they were happy for that.

But we were ECSTATIC at the Christmas we had instead… My husband and I even got presents too. We were so moved by the experience. It was truly the best Christmas I ever had…

All thanks to BEST MOM EVER!