My New Year Non-Resolution

By Roula30 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Roula30 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This year that I am leaving behind was complete and utter shit. There is no time to wallow in despair though. I am facing the future. It looks brighter anyway. Either that’s a good thing or that’s a train about to run my over. Whatever. It’s better than 2015. Here is what is in my future!


Wait, this isn’t a bad thing. I have to get ready for being homeless soon. I figure I have a year and a half to two years to prepare. I have a van. I have done this before. I am actually kind of excited!

OR I may try to find a much cheaper apartment or something like that because eventually the kids will move out and I need to be able to take care of myself (I see this ending badly). Either way, I have to get rid of stuff. So, 2016 will be the year of making shit and getting rid of stuff! This should be fun. I call it the purging!

Shopping Exile!

I am going into shopping exile. I will have to NEED to buy (food, toilet paper, pads, soap) and I will stop buying anything else. I do have a small list of rules. Here they are…

  1. Pay rent, electric, internet, medical bills, and phone. But no upgrading.
  2. Necessities are allowed. You know, like soap, shampoo, kitty litter, cat food, medicine (including marijuana and CBD oil), etc.
  3. Everything else must go through this process…
    1. Can I replace it with something I already have?
    2. Can I find a replacement at a thrift store?
    3. Can I do without it?
    4. If you MUST buy it, get together with the family and find the best quality, lowest price replacement. (We know that the two don’t always go together)
    5. If you buy it, you must have that much in savings plus what you are going to buy (example: It’s $5. You have to have $5 in savings plus the $5 you plan to spend on the item).


I am preparing to move into my van. Some things (we have a list) will need to be bought for the preparations.

We are working on making items to sell: same rules apply (try to do without, search thrift shops, etc) but we can spend on these because hopefully it will make money.

What rules would you have?

And why is this a Non-resolution? Because resolutions are broken so quickly. I am not trying to impress anyone here, I just need to be ready to be homeless and saving money is a great way to do that. I do plan to file for SSI since the SSDI judge is on drugs (He put I practice karate, and other bullshit).

Hopefully it won’t come to living in my van. If it does, I need to be ready. Resolutions won’t help because, be honest, how many do you keep? This isn’t a resolution, it’s reality punching me in my face and I need to prepare for it’s bully antics.

Until later…