50 Questions: Something I know Nothing About

Write a how to post on something you know nothing about


To help with this, I used my AlphaSmart 3000 to type the post without any access to the internet.



I asked my son to give me a topic or something to write about. He chose “How to upgrade your computers CPU.”


Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am doing. Don’t follow these instructions.


First, identify your computer. I have an HP Pavilion G- something or other. Order the CPU part that you are upgrading. I find Amazon and eBay helpful for finding the part at a price I can afford.


For all you geeks out there, I am so sorry.


Remove the back cover of your computer and put all the screws in a small container so they don’t roll off.


Next, you will want to remove the battery… maybe we should do that first? I am not sure. Anyway, the battery is out now so let’s move on.


I am assuming you have all the cords unplugged from the computer, right?


Okay, next you will remove the motherboard… Let me just stop and say that I really did work on computers YEARS ago when the IBM 386 and 486 were getting phased out. I did the cleaning and whatnot, the hooking up wires between boards and such. Now, I take care of security issues. I never once replaced CPUs. I did replace a power supply once.


Okay, so now we are going to find the fan and unplug it, unscrew it from the CPU piece, and set it aside.


Next, pull the CPU piece off the board, put the new one on, screw it in place, and plug it in.


Now, put heat sink on the CPU where the fan sits. Put the fan on the CPU and screw it into place, then plug it into the board.


Reassemble the computer/laptop. Admire the two screws you can’t figure out where they go, and then fire it up!


Voila! I have totally butchered it, I just know it. But you have upgraded your CPU.


Now I will ask my son how far off I was…


One moment please…


He says I am kind of close. Like 4 out of 10.