Mailbag! More on Vitamin D

Oh… this is long. Grab your coffee, chips, and popcorn. We’re going to be here for a while. I tried to make it short but I get long-winded to tell you about my adventures in Vitamin D.

RealMaryZ from The Bitchy Mama replied on my last post about Mushrooms and Vitamin D. Here is part of her comment.

…you can try sunshine, canned tuna, fortified milk, cereal and orange juice, egg yolks, cod liver oil, and ultraviolet lamps. Good luck!

Thanks RealMaryZ! I love it when people offer suggestions because I hope that someone has another idea of something I have missed. That’s how I found out about the mushrooms/ Vitamin D.

Unfortunately, I have tried all these. I’ll walk you down the list.

Before we start, I need 50,000 IU of Vitamin D a week or about 10,000 IU each week day. That is the dose I am supposed to have as a therapeutic dose. Keep that in mind as we go through this list.

Vitamin D Ideas I have Tried

Eggs: Let’s start with egg yolks. I eat eggs. I love eggs. But I can only eat so many LOL. I do eat eggs but one egg has 40 IU of Vitamin D.

Fish: I am allergic to tuna and salmon, so those aren’t options. I have tried eating mackerel to see if that helps. I’ll know soon enough!


The supplements are either made from Cholecalciferol (D3) or Ergocalciferol (D2).

Cholecalciferol is made from sheep lanolin. I am allergic to sheep. Although I suffer through merino wool socks when my feet are cold. I try to avoid it. Ingesting it has never been kind to me.

Ergocalciferol is made from ergosterol. Ergosterol is found in the membranes of mushrooms, lichen, and other fungus. YUM! Fungus! (I think I have that right). Anyway, ergosterol is a provitamin from of Vitamin D. What that means is that when exposed to UV light, it turns into Vitamin D (D2).

The prescription ergocalciferol did not do well for me at all. Which is why I started researching and found a raw vegan guy on YouTube who mentioned “charging” your mushrooms for Vitamin D. I did research and found out that what he was doing was converting the egersterol to Vitamin D by leaving the mushrooms in the sunlight all day.

That’s easy! I can do that. And so that is what I am trying. Although I am breaking out more and more. And my skin is starting to hurt. So I am not sure how much more I can take. I will be making a doctor’s appointment with my doctor. Hopefully they can check and see if it has helped any.

Fortified Foods

All the fortified foods are made by adding cholecalciferol to them. See above. I bought powdered milk last food shopping. I usually get the non-fortified kind but this time I oops’d and bought the fortified kind. I was quite miserable and kept dry heaving. It was not a pleasant feeling. So fortified foods are not an option.

Sunshine and Sun Lamps

Sunshine and Sun Lamps: When I go into the sunshine, it hurts. I am not saying this to be a whiner. I want you all to understand what it is like to me. I am putting this here because a lot of my friends don’t understand this either. I don’t usually go into details about it. So here it goes…

It starts out feeling hot, like I am standing next to a space heater but a little closer than you are supposed to.

Let the burn begin!

Then it starts to burn, like I was standing next to the space heater until it burns my skin; like I was in some ridiculous challenge to see how long I could stay next to it before I couldn’t take it anymore. My skin starts getting really red and sometimes splotchy.

Then, it starts to burn like someone is standing there pouring acid over my skin. And it’s not like it’s a burning sensation that I can cool with ice because it goes deep into the muscles. I feel like I just did the most intense workout and I am so sore it hurts to move.

Tie me down! I’ll float away!

Then the swelling starts. I have an Angioedema attack… but this is usually because I am too hot by this point. My hands and feet swell and I bloat like a Macy’s parade balloon. By this point, I am on Benadryl and wishing I could die.

It’s not pleasant at all. Which is why it is slightly annoying when people pester me to “be social” and “join the fun” all while the social, fun time is outside in the sun. You mean the fun of feeling like you are getting slow roasted? No thanks. It’s not a big deal when it’s someone who doesn’t know. But when it’s my friends… why do you guys do this to me?

But I digress. Here is me dressed up for “summer fun”

2016-06-01 17.03.05.jpg
All swollen and having fun.

Woo. Hoo. Wouldn’t you want to run around outside in the heat and sunshine dressed like that? No? I didn’t think so.

But I do love the outdoors so I do enjoy having moments where I almost feel normal by interacting. I just don’t want to do it often. I am so bloated there, I can’t even button my shorts. My feet were so swollen that my flip-flops were leaving their shape indented on my foot.

I have had to be careful with this… since I was NINE! Although I had more time in the sun then. It’s gotten shorter and shorter throughout the years. Sometimes I carry an umbrella instead but it blocks the wind.

Back to Vitamin D.

Dressed like that, I am not getting Vitamin D. If I am going to be out for a short bit, I sometimes take Benadryl and just hope my face helps give me Vitamin D. That obviously isn’t working.

Which is why I am throwing myself into mushroom goodness. The other day though… I started dry heaving. I am afraid it won’t work but I am still not giving up. Maybe if I push through it, the symptoms will start to subside… right?

I am trying to not be delusional here and trying to not wait until my face is swelling to finally stop. My skin already hurts. I am just not sure if I am giving up too quick. I don’t want to stop only to find out later that if I waited just a few more days, I would have been fine. But then too, I don’t want to wait until I can hardly breathe and I am projectile vomiting either.

I even read that taking magnesium will help your body process the Vitamin D. So I am taking that too. I REALLY want this to work!

I don’t want dialysis! Is it possible to be allergic to a vitamin itself?

I want to hear your thoughts on this.

Any ideas that I am missing?

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