Questions From This Week … Answered!

I get questioned throughout the week about my blog and posts. My squirrel, Sparky, working in the background suggested that I make a post each week of the questions people asked. Her thinking was, if one person asked you, other people may want to know too. Good idea!

How is this different from MAILBAG! posts? These weren’t sent through email, comments, or any other social media site. These are questions my friends and family members asked in person, through text messages, or in chat.

Question 1: Did you reschedule the sleep study?

Yes I did. They called me a couple of days ago and it is scheduled for Tuesday night. I will probably post pictures again. 

Question 2: What happened to all the Squirrel Alerts?

Wow, I didn’t realize anyone liked those or noticed… or remembered. I do still have ADD days but since starting CBD oil, they seems a lot less noticeable. I feel more focused. I do have flaky moments but it’s not as bad as before. When I am writing out my posts, I tend to stay focused better.

I will add squirrel alerts if I have them. I promise! Hell, I might add them anyway, I kind of liked them too.

Question 3: Is the squirrel really real. Like, it’s not just some random squirrel you took a picture of?

Yes. Sparky is really real. Right now, she/he is building a nest in the tree. Sometimes when I am sitting in my chair and the door is open, I will see Sparky sitting in the tree staring at me. Like this:

Sparky, watching me..

Sometimes I go out and talk to Sparky while I get stared at like I am nuts. My kids think it’s weird. I think it’s cool!

Question 4: Why is it “Crazy Women’s Journal” and not “Crazy Woman’s Journal” instead?

That is a joke that didn’t come across well in print. Or the Mandela Effect. Or whatever you want it to be. I’ll let you decide. 

Question 5: Are you really going to be homeless? Or are you faking it for Disability or SSI?

Yes! I am going to really be homeless… in a sense. I have a 5th wheel RV that I will live in. Now I just need a truck to pull it. I have decided that I am going to live the rest of my life as a nomadic wanderer. Libby will be my home always but I will travel to where there is work or family or friends or whatever and then come back to Libby again and then travel around again when I find somewhere else that will hire me (HAHAHA! I kill me with this joke!) and try to figure out how I am going to survive.

As for Disability and SSI. I give up. I will forever be broke. How am I going to travel then? I will figure that out when I get to it. But I was denied disability and the lawyer didn’t want to go further and I found out when I didn’t have enough time to get a new lawyer and get the appeal turned in. So that ship has sailed… hit an iceberg, sunk, decayed on the ocean floor.

I also don’t qualify for SSI because of assets and I am not going to be dishonest about it like a lot of people have suggested. I appreciate your ideas but I am not going to do something that could send me to jail.

Question 6: Why don’t you change your picture to a more updated picture?

Because I really like that picture. But, because you requested, I changed it. The new picture will show up soon if it hasn’t already. I had to crop it but here it is in case it hasn’t changed.

Dolli pics 016.JPG

Question 7: When is your book going to be done?

Right around the time I finish it… I have no idea. I am putting all my poems together first and working on the book in spare time. I’ll try to focus on it more. I plan on spending July really working through it as much as I can. I will post when the poem book is done and I will post when any of the other books are done.

Was that blog related? I mean, the person started with, “I have a question about your blog…” and then went straight to the book. Did I mention the books on here? Maybe I did. I will have to go search now. I will update once a month about the progress. Maybe my friends have ADD too?

Question 8: Could you share how you do your bullet journal on your blog?

Sure! But be patient. It might be a week or two. I plan to spread that over a few days so I don’t end up with a mega post.

Question 9: What is the purpose of this blog?

It’s just a place for me to blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. Life goals, food, post pictures, bitch about life, share fun stuff from life, keep family updated on life, and anything else that happens to run across my thought process that day.

It started as a place to journal for therapy but I decided the stuff I journal about for therapy is way too personal and I wasn’t comfortable posting it on here. It turned into a mild version of my therapy journal instead.

I do a little bit of planning but not a lot. I have a basic plan for each week. But I don’t always stick to it. I’ll add that to the Bullet Journal post.

Question 10: What’s in the pill bottle in your purse?

That is Cyclobenzaprine. It’s a muscle relaxer. My muscles like to knot up and then will not release and it hurts like hell. So I have that because I went through one of those from crocheting. Yes, I hurt myself crocheting a bag. 

Question 11: You should try cod liver oil for Vitamin D.

It is made with cholecalciferol. Here, read this.

Question 12: Are you going to YouTube?

Eventually. Just not right now. I am waiting until I have dentures. I don’t like not having teeth. It makes me extremely self-conscious. Yes. That is the only reason I have not started. I am on a waiting list for the denturist but it could be months before I get them. I’ll let you know when I start. 

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