Enjoying the Weekend? I am!

I am enjoying the weekend. I made myself some refried black bean tortilla thingies that are gluten-free. They were REALLY good! I am also bought new rechargeable batteries for my camera so I can take pictures again. I got rid of some junk in the house too.

I also got the first three pictures of the month done!  I have been playing with the settings on my camera. I am getting it now! I practiced super-macro shots and messed with ISO. Here are my three photos.

July 1: A is for Alert!

Alert Bracelet. I wear two of them.

July 2: B is for Bright

Bright! I snapped a photo of a light bulb without it whiting out the picture. It only took about 3,000 attempts… or at least it felt like it.

July 3: C is for Cat

C is for cat… or cat nose.