I Dropped My Computer

Every time I get into writing, something happens. Either the entire card with all my writing disappears, or my computer dies (or the tablet or the phone), or something.

This time, I bought a book off Amazon because I had credit and thought that would make a nice birthday present to me.

I started the book. It’s good! I really like it. That’s another post though. I am actually making progress! And then… I dropped my damned computer!

The screen is messed up now.

The back isn’t supposed to have green on it. Here is another to better explain.

All that green should be black and there are lines running down the screen.

That’s what it looks like. So, it is usable but really messed up. I cant really see what I am typing in MS Word because of the lines. I am so upset.

I am taking this as a sign that I am not meant to be a writer. I give up. I’ll stick to blogging and, hopefully soon, vlogging.

I am gonna take a nap.

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