Websites Wednesday

I decided to post every other Wednesday on websites I have visited throughout the last two weeks that I found interesting, neat, weird, useful, or anything else that strikes my fancy.

I’ll try to limit it to about five or so. If you find a website that looks cool, let me know in the form at the end of the post. If you don’t want me to use your name, I won’t. I’ll just make one up.

Website #1: DNRC Interactive Wildland Fire Map

This past month the DNRC Interactive Wildland Fire Map has been my daily check. We’ve had Wildfires near our home. While I don’t think it would jump a river to burn our town to the ground, the smoke was unreal and we left so we could keep breathing.

Website #2: AirNow

Going hand in hand with the first website is the AirNow air quality map. It helped us decide which path we would take out of the state. Usually we go one route but that one was covered in smoke worse than our area. We decided to go the other route instead.

Website #3: The Spruce

I was searching for a gluten-free recipe ideas for a cobbler (because I miss cobblers!) and I found this gem of a website. I started on this page (a recipe I can alter) and ended up browsing her whole gluten-free recipe collection. I am a fan! I am also learning about canning food from there. This is something I have wanted to learn for a while.