Someone Misses People


The big secret from a couple weeks ago, in case I forgot to post it, is that the kids all went to California for the summer. That means it is me and three cats.

Garfield had a bad day one day. He is used to people being in and out, getting smothered with loves, and having people feet to chase down the hallway.

With not a lot of people around, the other day he crawled up on me and snuggled for a good hour while kneading my belly. He got tons of love… and T-u-n-a. Don’t you dare say it out loud unless you are going to feed that cats!

He’s doing much better today.

Went to do laundry… About had a heart attack!


I went to do laundry the other day and opened the pantry doors. I nearly shat myself. I was not expecting the towels to move and blink!

Two Appointments in One Day

I had two appointments today. One for my regular doctor and one with the therapist. The one for the regular doctor was for all my pain and symptoms I am having. They are running a bunch of tests to see if I need a referral to a specialist and more testing. I had blood drawn and they are looking for markers of an autoimmune disorder. He highly suspects one because my blood work from awhile back was “through the roof” one week and normal the next.

Therapy was good. I talked about my stressful week and my ex calling and making me feel like crap. But, then we went over the things I am good at… beading, making beads, crochet items (hats, scarves, bags, etc), and some of the other crafty things I do, plus the children’s books idea and writing a book for teens or adults. It actually made me feel better. I left on a super positive note which isn’t the norm for me.

Now that I am home, I HURT SO BAD! My body is aching. I love sitting in my chair and having the heated back part run. We’re working on getting the house organized slowly and getting the long room ready for the new cats. Right now they are in Leeli’s room. We are trying to slowly introduce them to our cats, Gizzy and Sweets. Gizzy is having no part of it for now. He’s curious but, not that curious. He wants the intruders to stay in Leeli’s room. Sweets isn’t sure what to think. She keeps going up to the door and sniffing.

The three cats in Leeli’s room are doing okay. Boots is so stressed out his hair is falling out. He hid in the closet most of today. We had to unplug the Xbox b/c it has a sensor to open the tray, instead of a button. Boots walked by it and the tray opened. He freaked out and attacked it, then went back to hide in the closet again.Ty Ty is curious as heck and checking everything out. Fluffy monster is so relaxed you would think he’s lived here since birth. He has a habit of rolling all over people’s feet and loving them to death and smothering us in his poof coat of fur. I will definitely have to vacuüm more with him. His fur is all over everything!

And now, I am going to go work on a scarf/hat/gloves. I will call it a sharglo! Or some other ridiculous name.

Update: I got a call from Lacy. Some of the blood tests came back. They all look good. The only two we are waiting for are the ones for Celiac disease and Lupus. It makes me feel better knowing that the other tests look good but, now I am nervous about the other two. The ten-day wait is going to kill me!