Teresa’s Daughter Puzzle

I was told I was wrong on this… so if you can give me a second, I am going to explain the puzzle going around Facebook right now. The puzzle, that claims to “break the internet” is:

If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?

A. Grandmother

B. Mother

C. Daughter

D. Granddaughter

E. I am Teresa

Spoiler alert: It’s C.

Here is why.

My daughter’s mother would be… ME! So I am Teresa’s daughter. See.

Let’s draw pictures.


This is Teresa. First person in the puzzle. This is going easy so far.


This is me. Since we don’t know who Teresa’s daughter is yet, I’ll draw me since I am in the puzzle next under “MY daughter”.



Isn’t she adorable? I forgot to draw hair. So my daughter is bald.



So, next thing is “Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother.”

Let’s reword that…

Teresa’s daughter Who is my daughter’s mother?”



I am. I am my daughter’s mother. Or my lesbian lover is but she isn’t in the answers. So the answer is ME.



SO… if Teresa’s daughter is the same person as my daughter’s mother…



Then Teresa’s daughter is me. 


Here are the other answers thought through.

A. Teresa’s grandmother would be my daughter’s mother’s mother’s mother. Or Teresa’s daughter’s daughter’s grandmother. Not her daughter’s daughter.

B.Teresa’s mother would be my daughter’s mother’s mother’s mother. Did I lose you yet? Cuz, I seriously just gave myself a headache double checking that. I had to refer to my pictures.

D. Teresa’s granddaughter is Teresa’s daughter’s daughter. We’re talking about her daughter so it can’t be her granddaughter.

E. And Teresa can’t be her own daughter no matter how effed up and inbred the family is. That is just silly. Unless Teresa married her father, in which case, she would technically be her father-husband’s wife-daughter and that would make her her own daughter.

Lord, gimme some Excedrin!


Questions From This Week … Answered!

I get questioned throughout the week about my blog and posts. My squirrel, Sparky, working in the background suggested that I make a post each week of the questions people asked. Her thinking was, if one person asked you, other people may want to know too. Good idea!

How is this different from MAILBAG! posts? These weren’t sent through email, comments, or any other social media site. These are questions my friends and family members asked in person, through text messages, or in chat.

Question 1: Did you reschedule the sleep study?

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Share Naughty Stuff On Facebook Without Your Clients Seeing It. (With pictures)

Ever want to share a funny meme you saw but you don’t want to run off your clientele? My cousin has just that issue so, I decided to make this walk through on how to make a list on Facebook. This is also a 50 Questions post but the title was long enough as it is.

What is a Facebook List?

Here is the explanation from Facebook Help Center:

Lists are a way to organize things on Facebook, like your friends or the things you’re interested in. You can use lists to filter the stories you see in your News Feed or post an update for specific people, like your coworkers or friends who live near you.

In addition to any lists you create, you’ll also see smart lists. Smart lists create themselves and automatically stay up-to-date based on profile information you and your friends have in common

Enough of that, let’s get started on making a list!

How to make a list

When you are on your main Facebook page, look down the left hand side of the page for something that looks like this. Yours won’t say Libby Friends. It will probably have something else.


If you scroll over it, you will see a “more” come up. It will look like this.


Click on that and you will end up with a list that looks something like this.

Facebook lists

At the top of that page is a “create list” button. Click on that

Facebook create list

That’s what it looks like. Now name your list. I picked “pervs like me” just to be funny. Now populate your list with friends who are pervs like you… or people who would not care if you posted a dirty joke or a cuss word or naked pictures of yourself or whatever you think they would dig. And click create.


Now you will have a list of friends that are pervs like you! You’ll see just their posts once the list is made. If you go to Facebook, it will take you to everyone. Don’t worry. You can still post for everyone. It even has suggestions on the side for people you might like to add, just in case you forgot some pervy friend.

1 Pervs like me

Let’s make a post!

Now that you have your victims all added to the list, time to post something for them. When you go to post something on your regular news feed it looks like this.

Facebook 2

When you click on “friends” or “public”, it will have a drop down with “More Options”. Pick that.

3 Facebook

You will have a list of your Facebook friends lists. Pick “pervs like me” or whatever you named your new list.

4 Facebook

Or make your family gasp and pick them instead. Now when you post it will show only to that group of friends/ family/ perverts/ co-workers or whoever you want to make a list for!

5 Facebook

Just remember to click the box and change it back to friends or public before you decide to post something safe for the general public.

I am working on how to do this on the facebook app too. I’ll get a post up as soon as I figure that one out.