I Voted Today

I am proud of myself for being all adult like and all. I voted. I updated my address with them, filled out my ballot, and have a cool new sticker for my laptop.

No, I won’t share who and what I voted for. I don’t want this blog to get political. I just wanted to share that I did what so many people have fought for throughout history. 

Today, I voted.

This Week in Pictures!

Each Thursday I will upload my favorite pictures from the week. I will try to keep it at no more than seven pictures. It’s like Wordless Wednesday but with more pictures… and words.

Snow in the mountains in Montana
A random field in Wyoming. (My son is blocking the sun so I could see the camera)
South Dakota rest area teepee with moon in the sky)

I will try to figure out why this is sideways and then fix it. 

Iowa, I think, too busy laughing like an immature child to actually take a note.
Best coffee on the planet.
“Are we there yet?”

Photo A Day: E, F, and G

E is for… was specially requested by my best friend, Nikky!

E is for Evil!

Story behind this is that my cat Sweetie hates Nikky with a passion. How much does Sweetie hate her? She would act cute and adorable so Nikky would pick her up. Once she was up near her face, Sweetie would claw Nikky in the face, purposefully aiming for her eyeballs. Sweetie REALLY hates Nikky!!!

Sweetie is adorable… when sleeping.

F is for… FUZZY!

As in, “Oh darling, I think the girls are drunk. Their faces are looking a little fuzzy.”


G is for green

Don’t mind the torn off middle nail.

I even painted my nails for this one!

Enjoying the Weekend? I am!

I am enjoying the weekend. I made myself some refried black bean tortilla thingies that are gluten-free. They were REALLY good! I am also bought new rechargeable batteries for my camera so I can take pictures again. I got rid of some junk in the house too.

I also got the first three pictures of the month done!  I have been playing with the settings on my camera. I am getting it now! I practiced super-macro shots and messed with ISO. Here are my three photos.

July 1: A is for Alert!

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