Stalker’s Guide

On my old blog, instead of the plain old boring “contact me” page, I made a stalker’s guide. I did this in jest after a random blog reader sent me a really awesome coffee cup in the mail. I loved the mug but was a little curious as to how the reader got my address.

After that, the contact page stayed the stalker’s guide as a little but of warped humor. My friend asked when I was going to add it to this page. So here it is!

The Stalker’s Guide to the Crazy Lady

Follow me on Facebook. I do post public things so you won’t be staring at an empty boring profile all the time.

Follow me on Twitter. I don’t tweet a lot but I am getting into it more and more.

Follow me on Google+. You will mostly see my replies to YouTube videos but I do tend to post on there occasionally.

While I am on Pinterest, that is mostly something I do when I am totally bored or looking for ideas. I am on there more than it looks. I just don’t pin a lot of things.

I am on Ello also. Although I really have no idea what to do there. So if you are on Ello also, maybe you can give me some ideas and add me as a friend. For now, it’s kind of collecting cobwebs.

You can see my50 profile here. Maybe you could start your own bucket list.

Email me!

Send weird, funny, crazy, meme-laden emails to me at this email address here

It’s also a good place to give me a piece of your mind if I have offended you. Or just email a thank you or a personal story you don’t want plastered on the internet for eternity. You can send a link to your blog with a little blurb about why I should check it out. Be creative.

I try to reply to all the emails I receive and if I post your email on the blog, I never use names without permission and I always ask first.

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