Abandoned Blog? I Don’t Think So!

I have not fallen off the planet, I just needed to take some much-needed time for quiet introspection. I was having a really hard time and I tried to get back into blogging and YouTube but it just wasn’t happening for me.

Those of you who know me in real life know that at the end of June I actually got a job! I was thrilled. I was on cloud nine. It looked like my life was taking the turn I needed. And then about two weeks later I was fired. I was devastated. 

I don’t know why I was fired and they didn’t have to tell me because it was during my probation period but, they said it wasn’t my performance. I did very well. I have some ideas of why but nothing that I can prove. I would love to know why because if it’s something I can fix, then maybe it will help me keep a job.

Not knowing why, I felt like I didn’t have a good direction to go. From a comment made during my firing, I know it’s something in my background. I spent time researching my background and ordered a full background check. Nothing. I am a good girl. All I can tell you from that background check is that I move a lot, have kids and a husband, own land in Tennessee, and no one can spell my name correctly. 

But for bettering myself? Yea, I have no idea. That is why I decided to check out from social media (except for family) and really take a good hard look at my life. Like, I really met it face to face. I finally believe the doctors (from years ago) who told me I would never work outside my home again.  I believe them now. I didn’t want to believe them before but I fully do now. 

I am never going to be able to hold a job outside of my house so I need to focus on what I do best. As much as that hurts to say, I accept that. I don’t have to like it to accept it. So I am accepting it.

And now I will focus on what I am best at… Writing. Because I am not letting this depression get the best of me! I set goals for this month to keep me focused.

I am back!

Goals for this month

My goals for this month are easy so I can get back into my groove.

  1. Each week I will make six posts.
  2. Each post will start with a letter of the alphabet. Nov 1 is A. Nov 2 is B. Nov 3 is C. And so on.
  3. All posts will be about positive things or will be about something that I am grateful for. 

I am hoping to get on YouTube video in each week but we’ll see how that goes for now. I am definitely working on this. 

I want to make it to where this is my full-time “job” so that I make it my habit.

I am looking forward to this. Since I won’t be getting a job… ever… I am back to blogging full-time! WOOHOO!

My Goal Post for September 2016

I should start doing this monthly. Make a post listing my goals and at the end of the month, I can review how I did. This was actually Java’s suggestion (and a couple of others), so thank you! I need to make goals and work towards them to keep depression from taking over.

I know what you are thinking! “OH YEAH! A GOAL POST!”
I found this on Wikicommons! Get it? Goal post. GOAL POST!

Long Term Goals

I think I am supposed to pick three long-term goals to work towards. These are my three picks with reasons.

  1. Make a money plan or the next six months. I need to do this anyway. I need to plan what I am going to do to support myself. I have some opportunities come up that I need to seriously consider.
  2. FINISH THE FRICKING BOOK DRAFT! I am so horrible at this. I let myself get sucked into self-doubt too easily and I really need to stop doing that!
  3. Get rid of most of my stuff. I plan to go mostly digital and plan to live in an RV or a van. So I need to reduce my household inventory by a shit ton (which is approximately 264.2 gallons of human shit. Now you know). Besides, the minimal lifestyle is calling my name. I am keeping my Coca~Cola bottles though!


This Month Goals – September 2016

This one I am supposed to pick one thing per week and one for the month (or something like that.) So I picked five things I can work on this month.

  1. Pick up son from airport. Don’t laugh. I left him at a rest area once. I went back for him though! 
  2. Post 3 posts a week AND one survey post on Sundays. I am adding reminders to my phone so I can’t flake it off. Now that I am doing better (once my mouth isn’t killing me) I am better prepared to conquer blogging. I need the other days for Ebay and Etsy stuff.
  3. Ebay and Etsy stuff. I actually have Ebay on my phone. And this will make two goals… actually three goals. It helps with the financial plan, the getting rid of stuff, and this goal.
  4. Keep up with my house routine (even if it is small). I can’t do this until next week or this weekend. It does help me feel more accomplished though. Like, I know it’s hard but I can do it!
  5. Write something EVERY DAY! Not on Reddit or Facebook, this blog, or SparkPeople either. Write something towards the book or another book. 

I will report back at the end of the month how my goals went. I have a reminder set for that too.

SO, what are your goals? 

Late Posting… For A Good Reason

My youngest son leaves tomorrow and we are spending time visiting and cooking before he goes. So the post will be posted… but probably a lot later than usual. My goal is to post each post between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. but sometimes life gets away with me. In the meantime… here are three pictures I found of the boys with their dad!

Survey Results

Happy Thursday everyone! I didn’t forget the post for Wednesday. I made a post… and then forgot to set it to post automatically. I went through my day thinking it had posted and logged on to get this one finished up and posted… and OOPS! So now I am ahead for next week!

I posted a survey to see how Survey Monkey works. I like it so far and it was fun to put together and the results were hilarious to read. 

Now to the results!

Question 1: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Question 1 .jpg

I was going to go with controlling the weather but I decided not to take the survey. Twenty-five percent of you want to be invisible. That would be awesome!

Questions 2: What ONE word do you think best describes me?

Here are your answers!

  • Blogger
  • Entertaining 
  • Strong 
  • Interesting…
  • Upbeat (I try to be :D)
  • Unique x 2
  • Goober (HI MEGSY!)
  • Amazing
  • Hilarious x 2
  • Funny

Thanks guys.

Question 3: I’m looking for TV and movie watching suggestions. What one movie or TV show do you recommend I rent or stream tonight?

This question had so many great responses that I made a page just for those answers. I plan on marking them off as I watch them.

Question 4: I’m gathering vacation suggestions. What’s your favorite vacation destination?

Here are your answers

  • Myrtle Beach
  • Anywhere outside Montana that I have friends. (I will consult with you later)
  • Key West
  • Here where I live, The Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. (Hmmm, I will have to plan that)
  • Montana state prison ghost tour (OMG! YES!)
  • Hawaii 
  • Seventh circle of hell (Already been there. The cake is to die for.)
  • Hawaii… but for you Alaska (Oh, someone knows me well LOL)
  • Staying home and not leaving the house. (I am so there!)
  • Seaside OR. 😀 (I should really make a places I want to see page)
  • Cruise 
  • Destin Florida (Yup, gonna make a page!)

Question 5: What do you want to see more of on my blog?

I got a lot of great answers. I added them to my big blog book (yes, it’s a real thing) and I will start adding those kittens to the blog soon! And a puppy if my neighbor will let me. And tips and YES! FOOD! Food is almost a must!

Question 6: One blog? Or Two?

Two thirds said one blog is fine and one-third said I need two blogs. I had two comments to this question. One was about making the blog better categorized (working on it!) and the other was being silly LOL.

Question 7: What are your favorite blog posts? 

In order of most requests, it was storytelling, pictures, food, squirrel posts, mailbag!, and then random surveys.

Okay! I can do that! And for the person that didn’t know what mailbag! and squirrel posts are… Mailbag! posts answer questions I get about the blog throughout the week (although I am going to go bi-weekly for now). Squirrel posts have squirrel alerts in them for when my ADD kicks in and I want to talk about random topics in my posts.

And now…

Now that I have a plan, I am going to take a couple of days to organize the blog a little better and I will post throw back pictures since I am cleaning out my photo file folders. I noticed I have pictures saved in triplicate!  And then Saturday or Sunday I will get back on track.

Someone suggested (on the sidelines, not in the survey) that I post my blogging schedule (what I plan to post on what day) so you all can see it. Okay, I have that on my list to do too.

Anything else? I am getting pumped! Leave me a comment or send me a message if your thought wasn’t on here.

Questions From This Week … Answered!

I get questioned throughout the week about my blog and posts. My squirrel, Sparky, working in the background suggested that I make a post each week of the questions people asked. Her thinking was, if one person asked you, other people may want to know too. Good idea!

How is this different from MAILBAG! posts? These weren’t sent through email, comments, or any other social media site. These are questions my friends and family members asked in person, through text messages, or in chat.

Question 1: Did you reschedule the sleep study?

Continue reading

Mushrooms and Vitamin D

Since I am severely Vitamin D deficient (mine was 6 the last they checked) I have tried vitamin D supplements. All of them make me sick.

  • I feel like I have the flu
  • My skin feels like it is on fire
  • My skin hurts
  • My body aches
  • My bones hurt!
  • My eyes feel like sunshine is coming out of my eyes.
  • I am so exhausted that I can’t stay upright.

But since we are left with “try mushrooms and lichen” or “get shots and dialysis”, I decided to suck it up and try my damnedest to suffer through some mushrooms charged with Vitamin D.

Mushrooms and Vitamin D.jpg

I did a lot of research on this and found that if you take mushrooms (Portobello and shiitake are what I am going for) and lay them upside down in the sunshine (stems removed) they create Vitamin D. Then you eat them and VOILA Vitamin D supplement that is as natural as I can get.

One problem. Every time I eat the mushrooms, I feel like crap. Not as bad as the other supplements but I still feel ill. Compared to above:

  • My skin doesn’t burn (that’s a positive)
  • My skin doesn’t feel like it’s on fire.
  • It does itch though but very mildly.
  • My body aches but not as severe.
  • My bones do not hurt.
  • I am still exhausted but not all the time. I comes and goes in waves.
  • My eyes feel puffy but not bad.

BUT it does have a few other side effects.

  • My stomach and abdomen does this weird flip-flop thing where it feels like there are spasms running through them, like I am getting kicked in the gut, then I am hit with MASSIVE waves of nausea and dry heaving.
  • I get a fever. Usually mild. The worse was 102.4 or something close.
  • I feel like I am freezing to death.

I am debating now how much of this I can tolerate. I am still doing it a couple of times a week (because I can’t feel like shit 24/7). The symptoms last about a day. I am planning my mushroom doses with when I need to be active and marijuana is helping with most of the symptoms.

If this doesn’t bring my Vitamin D up into a better range, I am seriously going to have a sobbing break down… snot bubbles and all!

Just thought I would update since today was a mushroom day and I wasn’t able to post earlier because of it. So, about two days a week, I may skip posting. I am planning for that.