Photo A Day: E, F, and G

E is for… was specially requested by my best friend, Nikky!

E is for Evil!

Story behind this is that my cat Sweetie hates Nikky with a passion. How much does Sweetie hate her? She would act cute and adorable so Nikky would pick her up. Once she was up near her face, Sweetie would claw Nikky in the face, purposefully aiming for her eyeballs. Sweetie REALLY hates Nikky!!!

Sweetie is adorable… when sleeping.

F is for… FUZZY!

As in, “Oh darling, I think the girls are drunk. Their faces are looking a little fuzzy.”


G is for green

Don’t mind the torn off middle nail.

I even painted my nails for this one!

Enjoying the Weekend? I am!

I am enjoying the weekend. I made myself some refried black bean tortilla thingies that are gluten-free. They were REALLY good! I am also bought new rechargeable batteries for my camera so I can take pictures again. I got rid of some junk in the house too.

I also got the first three pictures of the month done!  I have been playing with the settings on my camera. I am getting it now! I practiced super-macro shots and messed with ISO. Here are my three photos.

July 1: A is for Alert!

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Someone Misses People


The big secret from a couple weeks ago, in case I forgot to post it, is that the kids all went to California for the summer. That means it is me and three cats.

Garfield had a bad day one day. He is used to people being in and out, getting smothered with loves, and having people feet to chase down the hallway.

With not a lot of people around, the other day he crawled up on me and snuggled for a good hour while kneading my belly. He got tons of love… and T-u-n-a. Don’t you dare say it out loud unless you are going to feed that cats!

He’s doing much better today.