My Boys. Just Doting on My Kid!

Today, my middle kiddo turns 20! We’ll have cake this weekend because his brother comes home tomorrow. So this week is super happy for me!

I am 5'9"...
I am 5’9″…

This is just to show you how tall he is now. To compare, I am 5’9″ tall and he makes me look short LOL. I think he is a little taller now than he is in this picture.

I already have a cake planned out for him for the birthday celebration this weekend. Hopefully he still loves me after he sees it LOL. I will have to share it later this weekend once we celebrate.

I just have to say what an amazing kid I have. Actually, what an amazing adult I have. He can fix computers, fix cars, tend horses, travel like a pro, writes wonderful stories (he doesn’t think so though), draws great, is a compassionate, passionate soul, and just all around wonderful person.

Happy Birthday Miles!

What is my Pain Number?

I’ve been thinking about this. The doctors ask about pain on a scale of 1 to 10 and I am not really sure how to answer. One nurse was trying to be sweet about it and asked me to compare my pain to childbirth, my hysterectomy, my perforated appendix, and other medical conditions. I have to say, thinking about those, I have weird pain scales.

Childbirth on a scale of 1-10 is hard to compare. Labor with all three was annoying until my water broke. With my first son, my water broke early on. By the time I hit 4 cm, I had stripped naked, stood up on my bed, and screamed that someone give me drugs. That pain, I can totally compare things to! The actual childbirth though, I was so stoned out of my mind I thought I gave birth to kittens for a second. I was so out of it, the nurse had to push for me.

My second son, I had an epidural and an emergency C-section. Every pain was worst than that childbirth. The labor was annoying until I got an epidural. I can’t really compare that to anything.

My third son, I felt like swords were falling out my rectum through my spine. I had back labor. I was ready to kill people, especially the anesthesiologist. After the epidural kicked in, I was set! It was peachy. The doctor delivered my screaming bundle of joy to the tunes of the Eagles. Life was good.

C-section recovery on a scale of 1-10 was pretty awesome. It was difficult at time to get up or down, but I felt fine. I was on cloud nine. All the women on the block were jealous of me because I was going for a walk a few days post childbirth. I felt awesome. How do I compare my pain to that? Continue reading