I Dropped My Computer

Every time I get into writing, something happens. Either the entire card with all my writing disappears, or my computer dies (or the tablet or the phone), or something.

This time, I bought a book off Amazon because I had credit and thought that would make a nice birthday present to me.

I started the book. It’s good! I really like it. That’s another post though. I am actually making progress! And then… I dropped my damned computer!

The screen is messed up now.

The back isn’t supposed to have green on it. Here is another to better explain.

All that green should be black and there are lines running down the screen.

That’s what it looks like. So, it is usable but really messed up. I cant really see what I am typing in MS Word because of the lines. I am so upset.

I am taking this as a sign that I am not meant to be a writer. I give up. I’ll stick to blogging and, hopefully soon, vlogging.

I am gonna take a nap.

How to Create a Secure (but easy to remember) Password.

This is number 26 of my 50 Questions. The question is…

Write a how-to post on something you actually know a lot about, as obscure as it might be.

After a lot of thinking on this, I am going to teach you how to create a password that is easy for you to remember, secure, and hard for anyone else to break. And you can even write it down!

Ready? I will create a fake new password for your example.

First, we are going to make the base of our passwords.

Step 1: Pick 3-5 Capital Letters

These letters can be anything to you. I am going to pick the beginning letters for the sentence, “My New Fake PassWord.”

We have MNFPW so far. These are all capital letters. Remember that.

If you can’t think of what initials to use, here are some examples to get you started:

  • The name of your high school.
    • MHS for My High School
  • Your initials or your alter ego’s initials
    • Make up an alter ego… like:Senior Sexy Stud Dingle Hopper would be SSSDH
  • Your best friend’s initials.
  • A parent’s initials or both parent’s initials.
  • The name of your pets,
    • FMSW would be for Fluffy, Muffins, Sweetie, and Wiggles)
  • The nicknames everyone called you, in alphabetical order.
    • Mine would be BBDDA (Bubbles, Bobbi, Dollars, and Dotchi Anni)
  • A saying that is an inside joke.
    • STFDB would be “Say! That’s fairly decent, Bill!”

Step 2: Pick a PIN

You don’t want this to be a real PIN to your ATM card or bank statements or anything like that. It can be any length of numbers. I use a PIN from a credit card that I had back in 1994. Oh yea. I remember it!

I’ll make on up for this post. We’ll use 0524 (the ambulance that picked me up after a car accident … I remember that too.)

Now our password is at: MNFPW0524

If you can’t think of a number, here are some samples for you to use

  • Go to Random Sequence Maker and put the largest value at 9999. Then click on “get sequence”. When the list of numbers show up, pick ones that are easy for you to remember.
  • The last 5 of your social security number.
  • Your old phone number (last four, first three, the two in the middle)
  • Your old house number from when you were a kid.
  • The number on a random ambulance.

Caution! Do NOT use your initials and the last four of you social security number (or your birthday) together.

Base password done! Memorize it!

Now that you have this, you have a base password. This is the only part you will need to memorize. Do whatever you need to but don’t write this down.

If you need to, write down a hint. Like:

  • “Kelda’s third child and the ambulance number.”
  • Or “Daniel’s sister and Aunt Ida’s house”.
  • Or “Uncle Kevin’s High School and Joe’s number.”
  • Or “Mom’s old street name and the PIN for my old bank.”
  • Or “My old name and Karl’s Birthday”

Step 3: How to use your base password.

Now, let’s say you are signing up for WordPress. You have to create a password so you start by entering MNFPW0524.

The next step is to think of a word that you will use for ONLY WordPress and no other site. This word will be all lower case letters. Here are some questions you can ask to get a word for this part.

  • What is this site? wordpress
  • What do I do on this site? readandwrite
  • What do I think of when I think of this site? blue
  • What is my favorite part of this site? comments
  • What do I not like about this website? editingposts

We’ll pick the third option.

Now our pretend WordPress password is MNFPW0524blue.

It will be different from Facebook’s password (MNFPW0524chatting) and YouTube’s password (MNFPW0524videos) and Reddit’s password (MNFPW0524lotsofsubs) and Twitter’s password (MNFPW0524tweetandreshare).

See how I always put the base password and then something about that site? That is what you are going to do with every site.

What if I need a symbol?

Just pick one and add it into your password. For example: MNFPW0524bank# could be for your bank. Or MNFPW0524wtf! could be another.

What if I have to change the password a lot?

If your bank or job requires you to change your password a lot, then do it. Start with your base password, your secret word, and a number 000. Then next time, change it to your secret word, your base password, and 001. The changes would look like this.

  • MNFPW0524work000
  • work000MNFPW0524
  • work001MNFPW
  • MNFPWwork001
  • MNFPWwork002

But it doesn’t matter that much because you can write down the extra part each time or enter it in your phone. All people will see is “workieworkie” or “typesabunch211” or whatever your new word is. They won’t see the rest of your password because that part is secret.

Phone storing tip!

If you want to enter it into your phone, you can put down “Tom in Security” as the name and a fake number. 1-800-323-0 and then the last numbers on your password.

OR you can just write down the number at the end if you remember that your password for work is MNFPW0524work followed by numbers. So just write down “oo1” or whatever number you are at.

Helpful Hints for the Forgetful

Now that you have samples of how to make a password for individual sites, if you are forgetful, just write down the password! No, really.

Don’t write down the base password. Just write down the ending. Put a star or a pound sign in front of it to remind yourself that it where the base password goes. You can always put the base password at the end too. Like “noexamplesMNFPW0524”.

I use * or # to note the base password. When you write it down, it will look like this…

 Not my real passwords.

You don’t have to label it with “My Password List” unless you are super forgetful. And no one will know what the actual password is except you!

No more resetting passwords! Now, usernames… with me, that is a different story.

No More Computer

Well, I guess I don’t have a computer anymore. I went to start it this morning and it won’t start. This was right after a computer update. It seems like my computer crashes right after a computer update A LOT!

Now I am just wondering what Microsoft does to make this happen. Is this some diabolical plan? Probably. Damn you Microsoft, for making get shit done!