Appointment Today

I have an appointment later today with my neurologist. I am excited about this because this is the longest I have gone without a seizure.

Today was a chill day. I hurt too bad to continue moving. I slept most of the day. Probably has part to do with the low calories or maybe the shitty diet? Or could be because I sometimes can’t stay awake.

I also think it has to do with the way I am eating. In order to get enough calories each day I am eating like crap. 

So, starting tomorrow, I am going to eat how I want to eat and not worry so much about calories.

  • More water
  • Healthier food
  • Stop worrying about calories

If the doctors are that worried about my diet, they can come to my house and fix my meals… or, I dunno, listen to me and figure out why I have no appetite.

I will update later about the appointment.

I Sold my Soul to Satan

I know a lot of you will be shocked I changed doctors. Before I get a ton of questions about what Dr M* did wrong… the answer is nothing. She is a good doctor. I like her… but I know my old PA-C (Physicians Assistant) better and I want to go back to him because well … It’s not that I don’t want to see Dr M*, it’s that I have a history with my PA-C and I prefer someone who I have a history with. I wholeheartedly trust him. I also trust Dr M*. This is really hard to explain…

I highly recommend Dr M* to anyone else. I’d put her name here but I don’t have her permission and I don’t like posting real names without permission from the person. But I just want to go back to my old PA-C.

The soul selling part…

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