New Year Resolutions? No thank you.

I have been thinking about this a lot this month. I want to do resolutions but I usually never stick to them because they are unrealistic. INSTEAD, I have decided on picking 12 goals (one for each month).

I won’t be doing the goals in that specific month though. Each month will have a theme and I am making a goal for that theme. Then my goal will be to get everything done by the end of the year.

If that makes sense… Here is what I have come up with so far.

  • January is something new. So learning Russian. I will be start the course over and doing it! 
  • February is something I love. Get all of my poems together and publish them. That’s the first thing I thought of. The second thing I thought of was to make a blanket for my children. But I am not sure I will be able to do that in a year. 
  • March is Spring and I usually do spring cleaning then. But this year, I want to get rid of a lot of stuff so I can work towards my plan of being homeless… or Home FREE. Now that I can drive again, it’s getting more real! I am super excited about that!
  • April – eh… What is there besides April Fools? Flowers? Rain? I am working on it. Sing in the rain? Make flowers? Grow a plant without killing it? I don’t know.
  • May – hmmm… What happens in May? Oh It’s National Bike Month! I will bike more? I need to find a way to carry my service dog while I bike. Any ideas?
  • June gloom – for this, I want to get a better hold of my depression and actually work on it and not pretend it doesn’t exist. Basically, focus on making myself healthier mentally.
  • July is independence! My goal for this is to get employed (working on it still… 4 years. Eventually someone will hire me), work on my writing seriously, and hopefully one of those will let me be closer to financial independence. Also, I am working on getting the van ready to live in and maybe figure out where I am going to park my RV.
  • August is my birthday month. Focusing on my health, I need to be more active. I know I can’t during summer but my goal will be to set goals in Google Fit and work towards them seriously instead of glancing at it, going “Welp, failed today too. Meh.” This time, I am going to actively work on it!
  • September is back to school. I am going to take the photography course here on reddit. I am stoked about this!
  • October is Leslie. She got me into the Earth’s Children Series which I got as my Reddit gift this year. I will read through all the books this year.
  • November is Thanksgiving. I want to try writing down things I am thankful for/ grateful for every day/ week. I did this years ago and really liked it. I drew a picture to represent every day and then I wrote what I was appreciated.
  • December, to my family, is about gifts. Every month, I want to find something I can give/ give back. A charity. Donations. A give away on my blog. Thanksgiving box for a needy family. Donate to Christmas is for Kids (a local charity). Donate to the food bank. Things like that. And just give back to my community.

Now to work on the missing month. Any thoughts on April?

Last Month’s Goals

Last month with a little off since we headed to Tennessee for the ten year memorial for my dear friend and a family reunion. My cell phone plan messed up and I am still trying to get Straight Talk to add my second card. 

It’s been a crazy month! And my youngest son turned 18 yesterday. He won’t let me post a picture of him.instead, here is a picture of me last night!

Don’t worry! That’s just honey with food dye dripping down my kitchen knife. Yes. That is my kitchen knife.

Onto Goals!

October Goals – How did I do?

Well, I didn’t do horrible. I did post a bit more on my instagram account though. 

Long Term Goals

Finish book draft: This is going better than planned and I am using NaNoWriMo to help propel it forward.

Get rid of most of my stuff: Still working on it. 

Start Video Blogging: Well, it is a LONG term goal, right?

Short Term Goals

Post 3 times a week plus one Sunday post. I think I managed three times a week. Traveling made this a little harder. I’ll give myself a C on this one.

Write something every day: I did this! I really did this! A+

Write two posts about something important: my two posts were merged into one very long, very emotional post. I am giving myself an A on this.

Restart the photography course: I took pictures? Meh, I couldn’t do this one because of the cell phone issue. So I am making it a long term goal. But as a short term goal? I failed.

Crochet 1 or 2 projects a week. This would have worked out but I forgot yarn. I won’t grade this one because I suspended it when I realized it.

Next post today will be my new monthly goals! What are your goals?

My Goal Post for September 2016

I should start doing this monthly. Make a post listing my goals and at the end of the month, I can review how I did. This was actually Java’s suggestion (and a couple of others), so thank you! I need to make goals and work towards them to keep depression from taking over.

I know what you are thinking! “OH YEAH! A GOAL POST!”
I found this on Wikicommons! Get it? Goal post. GOAL POST!

Long Term Goals

I think I am supposed to pick three long-term goals to work towards. These are my three picks with reasons.

  1. Make a money plan or the next six months. I need to do this anyway. I need to plan what I am going to do to support myself. I have some opportunities come up that I need to seriously consider.
  2. FINISH THE FRICKING BOOK DRAFT! I am so horrible at this. I let myself get sucked into self-doubt too easily and I really need to stop doing that!
  3. Get rid of most of my stuff. I plan to go mostly digital and plan to live in an RV or a van. So I need to reduce my household inventory by a shit ton (which is approximately 264.2 gallons of human shit. Now you know). Besides, the minimal lifestyle is calling my name. I am keeping my Coca~Cola bottles though!


This Month Goals – September 2016

This one I am supposed to pick one thing per week and one for the month (or something like that.) So I picked five things I can work on this month.

  1. Pick up son from airport. Don’t laugh. I left him at a rest area once. I went back for him though! 
  2. Post 3 posts a week AND one survey post on Sundays. I am adding reminders to my phone so I can’t flake it off. Now that I am doing better (once my mouth isn’t killing me) I am better prepared to conquer blogging. I need the other days for Ebay and Etsy stuff.
  3. Ebay and Etsy stuff. I actually have Ebay on my phone. And this will make two goals… actually three goals. It helps with the financial plan, the getting rid of stuff, and this goal.
  4. Keep up with my house routine (even if it is small). I can’t do this until next week or this weekend. It does help me feel more accomplished though. Like, I know it’s hard but I can do it!
  5. Write something EVERY DAY! Not on Reddit or Facebook, this blog, or SparkPeople either. Write something towards the book or another book. 

I will report back at the end of the month how my goals went. I have a reminder set for that too.

SO, what are your goals? 

Making Goals for This Week

This last week I downloaded the Sparkpeople app and started using it. I am keeping above 1,000 calories a day so, that’s a positive!

And now that I am recovered from my denturist appointment bike ride (only took 3 days to recover) I am able to focus on other things again.

I decided to set goals for myself for this week and see how I do.

Goals for this week

  • Get the living room finished (I am so close!)
  • Write 2,000 words every day (I have been slacking)
  • Buy my train tickets for my appointment on the first (kind of important)
  • Get laundry caught up (hopefully).

What are your goals for the week?