Neat Technology

I have needed to think of ways to save money. My cell phone is dying a slow and glorious death and I was thinking of getting rid of it. But then my son’s girlfriend bought me a phone as a Christmas gift.

It is a Samsung Galaxy Prime. I really like it. But… it runs on straight talk for phone service. That is just too expensive for me. My current plan is $25 a month. I can’t afford $45 plans.

Well I was playing around with my phone when I found an app called text now. I don’t need to worry about a cell phone. It runs on wifi. If there is wifi, I have a phone and can call out to!

Try TextNow – I got a free phone number with unlimited texting and calling to USA & Canada! Download it from

That is the blurb from them. I get nothing for posting this. I was just so happy I don’t have to worry about a phone now. 

And I don’t have to keep changing my number every time I have a dry month and then can afford a phone card again.

This works out so good.


See! There it is on my phone next to all the important stuff lol

Well now I am going to go dream of what to do with the $25 a month I will be saving.