Merry Christmas!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas. If you aren’t celebrating Christmas, then I hope your day is the best ever. Today I am probably doing what I do every year. Having Christmas at my parents house!

I don’t look forward to much, but we have been doing this every year since 2008 and it’s the one thing I can’t for each year. Don’t you just love it when a tradition gets rolling?

We go to my parents, exchange gifts, and then spend time with each other. What could be better than family time? NOTHING! This is what I live for!

2015-12-25 16.28.31.jpg
Bad picture, I know. But isn’t that the cutest tree!?

While I enjoy my day, I hope you enjoy yours also. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

50 Questions: The Worst Christmas I Ever Had

My next 50 Questions is “The worst Christmas/Birthday you ever had?” just for the holiday season.

I haven’t really had a worse Christmas that I can think of. Instead, I will share a story of a year I thought it would be the worst Christmas and ended up being one of our best.

First… a Christmas picture from this year.

2015-12-25 16.40.10

Okay, now on to the story! I don’t have pictures of the year in question. Sorry. But here is what happened.

It was a rough year. We were being super frugal at this point and Christmas was coming up. We had chopped down a small cedar tree to decorate. It looked like Charlie Browns Christmas tree. Actually, his looked better. Continue reading

My Ex is Awesome.

Most people would not call their ex “awesome” but I can honestly say my ex is AWESOME! I have Fibromyalgia, seizures, chronic pain (to name the big three) and have one heck of a time staying upright long enough to blog or work on my writing.

He heard my lamenting loud and clear! I miss blogging! But since it is not my income, I cannot justify sitting up and hurting myself long enough to get a post out.

So guess what he did. He bought me an RCA Voyager touchpad as my holiday gift. I had been playing around with it and I excitedly report to you all that I can blog! I can blog while sitting reclined in my chair! I can blog without having to ask someone to help me lift my laptop that sits on a heavy piece of wood!


Know what that means? Starting 2015, I have no excuses to not blog. So, stating January 5, 2015 I will be posting regularly. I set my start date for the 5th so I can get an early start on my blog and keep myself motivated.

See you all then!