Books! They are my Glimpse into Other Worlds.

I love books! I really enjoy reading (or listening to the audio books) because it gives me a chance to escape reality. So today, I am rambling on about Books. Leave a comment with your favorite book or series so I can add it to my reading list.

I’ll admit it, I have an addiction to old books. I collect them and put them on display in my house. Why? Because I love their smell, the feel of them, the pages feel, and the hard cover with cloth on it. It feels authentic when I look at them. It’s like a nostalgia but, not really.

My favorite books are poetry type books. Dr Seuss and Shel Silverstein are my favorite children’s authors. I had One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish memorized through about 1/4 of the book.

When my kids were little, I would tell them I could read with my eyes closed, hold the book over my head, and then recite the story on the page. They were blown away… until they learned to read. Then the gig was up.

And now…

My books from Redditgifts Book Exchange.


My Favorite Series

My friend, Leslie, got my into The Earth’s Children series. After reading Clan of the cave Bear (affiliate link), I was hooked. This is an excellent series about a girl I got all the books on a Redditgifts book exchange. Here is the story description from Amazon:

A natural disaster leaves the young girl wandering alone in an unfamiliar and dangerous land until she is found by a woman of the Clan, people very different from her own kind. To them, blond, blue-eyed Ayla looks peculiar and ugly–she is one of the Others, those who have moved into their ancient homeland; but Iza cannot leave the girl to die and takes her with them. Iza and Creb, the old Mog-ur, grow to love her, and as Ayla learns the ways of the Clan and Iza’s way of healing, most come to accept her. But the brutal and proud youth who is destined to become their next leader sees her differences as a threat to his authority. He develops a deep and abiding hatred for the strange girl of the Others who lives in their midst, and is determined to get his revenge.

The story is well written and really draws you in. I read that the author put a lot of research into writing the books too. They are amazing!

And now I pass it onto you… What is your favorite book or book series? Tell us in the comments below.

Abandoned Blog? I Don’t Think So!

I have not fallen off the planet, I just needed to take some much-needed time for quiet introspection. I was having a really hard time and I tried to get back into blogging and YouTube but it just wasn’t happening for me.

Those of you who know me in real life know that at the end of June I actually got a job! I was thrilled. I was on cloud nine. It looked like my life was taking the turn I needed. And then about two weeks later I was fired. I was devastated. 

I don’t know why I was fired and they didn’t have to tell me because it was during my probation period but, they said it wasn’t my performance. I did very well. I have some ideas of why but nothing that I can prove. I would love to know why because if it’s something I can fix, then maybe it will help me keep a job.

Not knowing why, I felt like I didn’t have a good direction to go. From a comment made during my firing, I know it’s something in my background. I spent time researching my background and ordered a full background check. Nothing. I am a good girl. All I can tell you from that background check is that I move a lot, have kids and a husband, own land in Tennessee, and no one can spell my name correctly. 

But for bettering myself? Yea, I have no idea. That is why I decided to check out from social media (except for family) and really take a good hard look at my life. Like, I really met it face to face. I finally believe the doctors (from years ago) who told me I would never work outside my home again.  I believe them now. I didn’t want to believe them before but I fully do now. 

I am never going to be able to hold a job outside of my house so I need to focus on what I do best. As much as that hurts to say, I accept that. I don’t have to like it to accept it. So I am accepting it.

And now I will focus on what I am best at… Writing. Because I am not letting this depression get the best of me! I set goals for this month to keep me focused.

I am back!

Goals for this month

My goals for this month are easy so I can get back into my groove.

  1. Each week I will make six posts.
  2. Each post will start with a letter of the alphabet. Nov 1 is A. Nov 2 is B. Nov 3 is C. And so on.
  3. All posts will be about positive things or will be about something that I am grateful for. 

I am hoping to get on YouTube video in each week but we’ll see how that goes for now. I am definitely working on this. 

I want to make it to where this is my full-time “job” so that I make it my habit.

I am looking forward to this. Since I won’t be getting a job… ever… I am back to blogging full-time! WOOHOO!

My Goal Post for September 2016

I should start doing this monthly. Make a post listing my goals and at the end of the month, I can review how I did. This was actually Java’s suggestion (and a couple of others), so thank you! I need to make goals and work towards them to keep depression from taking over.

I know what you are thinking! “OH YEAH! A GOAL POST!”
I found this on Wikicommons! Get it? Goal post. GOAL POST!

Long Term Goals

I think I am supposed to pick three long-term goals to work towards. These are my three picks with reasons.

  1. Make a money plan or the next six months. I need to do this anyway. I need to plan what I am going to do to support myself. I have some opportunities come up that I need to seriously consider.
  2. FINISH THE FRICKING BOOK DRAFT! I am so horrible at this. I let myself get sucked into self-doubt too easily and I really need to stop doing that!
  3. Get rid of most of my stuff. I plan to go mostly digital and plan to live in an RV or a van. So I need to reduce my household inventory by a shit ton (which is approximately 264.2 gallons of human shit. Now you know). Besides, the minimal lifestyle is calling my name. I am keeping my Coca~Cola bottles though!


This Month Goals – September 2016

This one I am supposed to pick one thing per week and one for the month (or something like that.) So I picked five things I can work on this month.

  1. Pick up son from airport. Don’t laugh. I left him at a rest area once. I went back for him though! 
  2. Post 3 posts a week AND one survey post on Sundays. I am adding reminders to my phone so I can’t flake it off. Now that I am doing better (once my mouth isn’t killing me) I am better prepared to conquer blogging. I need the other days for Ebay and Etsy stuff.
  3. Ebay and Etsy stuff. I actually have Ebay on my phone. And this will make two goals… actually three goals. It helps with the financial plan, the getting rid of stuff, and this goal.
  4. Keep up with my house routine (even if it is small). I can’t do this until next week or this weekend. It does help me feel more accomplished though. Like, I know it’s hard but I can do it!
  5. Write something EVERY DAY! Not on Reddit or Facebook, this blog, or SparkPeople either. Write something towards the book or another book. 

I will report back at the end of the month how my goals went. I have a reminder set for that too.

SO, what are your goals? 

Mailbag! More on Vitamin D

Oh… this is long. Grab your coffee, chips, and popcorn. We’re going to be here for a while. I tried to make it short but I get long-winded to tell you about my adventures in Vitamin D.

RealMaryZ from The Bitchy Mama replied on my last post about Mushrooms and Vitamin D. Here is part of her comment.

…you can try sunshine, canned tuna, fortified milk, cereal and orange juice, egg yolks, cod liver oil, and ultraviolet lamps. Good luck!

Thanks RealMaryZ! I love it when people offer suggestions because I hope that someone has another idea of something I have missed. That’s how I found out about the mushrooms/ Vitamin D.

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