Last Month’s Goals

Last month with a little off since we headed to Tennessee for the ten year memorial for my dear friend and a family reunion. My cell phone plan messed up and I am still trying to get Straight Talk to add my second card. 

It’s been a crazy month! And my youngest son turned 18 yesterday. He won’t let me post a picture of him.instead, here is a picture of me last night!

Don’t worry! That’s just honey with food dye dripping down my kitchen knife. Yes. That is my kitchen knife.

Onto Goals!

October Goals – How did I do?

Well, I didn’t do horrible. I did post a bit more on my instagram account though. 

Long Term Goals

Finish book draft: This is going better than planned and I am using NaNoWriMo to help propel it forward.

Get rid of most of my stuff: Still working on it. 

Start Video Blogging: Well, it is a LONG term goal, right?

Short Term Goals

Post 3 times a week plus one Sunday post. I think I managed three times a week. Traveling made this a little harder. I’ll give myself a C on this one.

Write something every day: I did this! I really did this! A+

Write two posts about something important: my two posts were merged into one very long, very emotional post. I am giving myself an A on this.

Restart the photography course: I took pictures? Meh, I couldn’t do this one because of the cell phone issue. So I am making it a long term goal. But as a short term goal? I failed.

Crochet 1 or 2 projects a week. This would have worked out but I forgot yarn. I won’t grade this one because I suspended it when I realized it.

Next post today will be my new monthly goals! What are your goals?

50 Questions: Top 5 Blogs I Visit

I chose this for my next topic: Top 5: Share a post with the top 5 blogs you just can’t get enough of. As a mini continued celebration of my six years on WordPress. I am not positive all of these are blogs but I visit them often. In no particular order…


I just learned that I can change my font size for my list posts! That is so cool! Okay, back to the original post…

#1 Blog I Love to Visit: One Good Thing by Jillee

 One Good Thing by Jillee
Screenshot by Dotchi

One Good Thing by Jillee is a great blog. I think I found this one while searching for a recipe for a cleaning product because I mostly make my own or just use soap and water. I started browsing here site and fell in love. She has recipes, tips, and tricks for cleaning, laundry, health and beauty, gardening, green living, holidays, and more.

#2 Blog I Love to Visit: ProBlogger


I found ProBlogger, Darren Rowse, years ago when I was trying to turn blogging into an real job. He has great tips and advice and there is new content daily. If you click here to visit ProBlogger, anything you buy will help me make a little extra money.

I have three of his books and I really love them. They were very helpful and I strongly recommend the book “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” if you are working on making blogging your career. I am more wanting to blog for fun and not so much as a career. That way, if I make a little money, WOOHOO! but I am not expecting it.

Before I bought anything, I visited his site for about a year. I found it very helpful and interesting to read; and I really loved the post “7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove“.

#3 Blogs I Love to Visit: Digital Photography School

Also from Darren Rowse is the blog Digital Photography School. (I get nothing for you clicking that link). While eventually I will probably buy his books on the site, I haven’t bought any so I don’t feel right sharing them through an affiliate link on here yet. He is a great blogger and all the content on the site has kept me intrigued and coming back for more which is why I added it here.

This blog helped me with my photography skills a lot and I am hoping on day that photography and blogging will be more than just hobbies. I am gaining confidence in both with Darren’s help.

After all that, if you are cool with that and don’t mind helping me out a little if you do buy something, then click here to visit Digital Photography School through my affiliate link.

#4 Blogs I Love to Visit: Hillbilly Housewife

Hillbilly Housewife

I am a fan of this blog! I think it’s a blog. If not, oh well, I love this one anyway! Hillbilly Housewife is where I like to go for recipes. I found her YEARS ago when I lived in Tennessee. I moved from Tennessee in 2006. I think I was using this before I worked as a CNA which would be 2003. Really, this is my long-term place to visit on the web.

I successfully used their $40 a week emergency menu for a family of four to six people. When I used it, the groceries were $30 a week. In 2009, it was $70 a week. But the emergency menu is still a valuable resource.

I totally LOVE the Magic Milk Shake recipe! It tastes JUST like a Wendy’s Frosty and it’s super cheap to make. If you are allergic to milk, you can try it with a powdered milk alternative, like coconut or almond. Just make sure there isn’t any casein in it.

#5 Blogs I Love to Visit: A2Z Homeschool

A2Z Homeschooling

I started homeschooling my children in 2001 and A2Z Homeschool became my gold mine of resources, information, and support. I’ve been using this site wince 2001 and I am STILL finding new and interesting things to read on there. The best part is that they are religiously neutral. They share information on religious and secular homeschooling alike and share the information without bias.

Just for a sampling of what they offer… they have information on laws for each state, laws for other countries,  curriculum, homeschool programs, homeschooling for free, lessons and ideas, unschooling, and so much more!

Seriously, I want to meet Ann Zeise and hug her. This is the best resource ever.

Your turn! What are the top 5 blogs you love to visit?

Night Sky Photos

I have been trying to give myself something to do while I am stuck in the chair. Photography is my hobby so I started taking night photos. Here are some of my favorites. I am also trying out a new feature in Windows Live Writer. If it doesn’t work, I will make a new post.