This Week in Pictures!

Each Thursday I will upload my favorite pictures from the week. I will try to keep it at no more than seven pictures. It’s like Wordless Wednesday but with more pictures… and words.

Snow in the mountains in Montana
A random field in Wyoming. (My son is blocking the sun so I could see the camera)
South Dakota rest area teepee with moon in the sky)

I will try to figure out why this is sideways and then fix it. 

Iowa, I think, too busy laughing like an immature child to actually take a note.
Best coffee on the planet.
“Are we there yet?”

Night Sky Photos

I have been trying to give myself something to do while I am stuck in the chair. Photography is my hobby so I started taking night photos. Here are some of my favorites. I am also trying out a new feature in Windows Live Writer. If it doesn’t work, I will make a new post.