I fucking hate Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

Okay, so I was poking around the patient portal from our hospital when I noticed a current condition that I didn’t know I have. Somatoform Disorder. I research it and find out it is a mental illness where your psychological problems cause physical symptoms. They are totally real though. I look up the symptoms and criteria and you have to have ALL of these to meet the criteria.

– You have a long history of symptoms that start before the age of 30. (Mmmmm, had health issues but nothing horrendous and everything was linked to something. Then I hit 33 and WOAH! But still all linked to something.)

– You have 4 (male) or 6 (female) symptoms that cannot be explained by another general medical condition. (Right now, I can think of one. Just one. Wait, maybe 2 but that is probably a Fibromyalgia thing)

– One sexual or reproductive issue besides pain. (None. I cant think of any sexual issue that I have. Unless they are counting the hysterectomy.)

– One pseudo-neurological symptom. (Uhm, no to this too. Can’t think of anything.)

– After appropriate investigation, a known general medical condition or direct effects of a substance cannot explain the multiple symptoms. OR When a related medical condition is present, the physical complaints are in excess of what would be expected. (So I was thinking maybe the second part? Because all but one symptom… maybe 2?… is linked to a medical condition.)

So… I am thinking, geez this really doesn’t sound like me. Maybe this is a mistake. But being a big girl, I decided to ask my psychologist just to make sure. I told her what I found and where I found it and asked if I have somatoform disorder. If I do, I want to meet it head on and deal with it. Not that I would be thrilled to have a mental illness, but it is treatable. She said no. In the 2 and a half to 3 years she has been seeing me, she never suspected any form of somatoform disorder. (Mine was 300.82 for the code). We discussed and figured it was a mistype. An oops. No biggy. We would get it taken off.

To start, I called the hospital and explained that I was never diagnosed with this and I either wanted it off my chart or I wanted to know where it came from. I get a call the next day. It linked back from my ER visit from hell. Actually, they said that it was in my chart from Dr N* (ER doc, worthless doc really – the one I filed a complaint against) on 24 March this year and states “present on admission MB”. It was also on my chart from MB (concussion doc) on 4 April this year. And in my chart from Dr K* (my neurologist for seizures) on whatever day I say her.

I was thinking WTH? 1) Why did no one tell me of this diagnosis? That is unethical. 2) My ER visit from hell is just getting worse and the ER doc is OBVIOUSLY retaliating against me. (I know it sounds paranoid)

So I start pulling records. I find it in Dr K notes. She mentions that it is in my rehab notes (form MB). She now states that I don’t have seizures from epilepsy because of this new development. So we went from “You have seizures. I used your details and the EEG to get this diagnosis” to “We need to test further.” What?

I look at MB notes and find the diagnosis but no mention of how he got to it or where it came from. He talks about how I deliberately messed up on my SCAT testing too. I cried a little. I was trying so hard. I thought I was improving. I could just cry. Anywhoodles, so I call J* at the office and she asks him where he got that from and he said old records. What old records?

So I go back to CPMC and ask to pull anything they have from March 24 (since that is where it links to). They have nothing. I wasn’t seen there on the 24th. But they did have something from 22 and 23. So I take them. Then it dawns on me, I wasn’t in the ER on the 24th, or the hospital, nor did I have an appointment in that hospital. I had an appointment with my psychologist so I wasn’t even down in that area. And I am still trying to figure out when MB was “present on admission” because when I was actually seen, it was late at night in L-town and he wasn’t here. Only Dr N, who doesn’t know how to treat seizures.

This week I am going to figure out what they are seeing from March 24th. I have a case manager on this too. No one can figure out where it came from. It’s now in my records at NWCHC but is noted that it came from MB.

I tell you what. They are begging for a lawsuit. In the least, someone is getting the state called on them. I am so livid. How do doctors get away with this?

At least now I understand why my care took a weird turn after that ER visit. The doctors were rude, snide, short, and dismissed anything I said. And then when I went to the GI doc, he was just … bizarre. At least with pulling all my records, I can clearly see that they OBVIOUSLY do not listen to me. Half the stuff they put down is wrong. Like saying such and such happened when I was pregnant 15 years ago. My youngest son is almost 17. I wasn’t pregnant 15 years old.

All this links back to a trip to the ER at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center. I tell you what, if you don’t want a doctor to retaliate against you, avoid this place at all costs. Cabinet Peaks, if you are reading this, fix your shit.

GAWD! I need new doctors! At least my regular doctor and my psychologist are good.