Mailbag! Foods to Try, Sparky’s Nest, and Blogging Schedule

Each week I get questions about things I post. If someone else is asking, I bet someone else is wondering the same thing. Here are three questions from this week.

What are good foods you have tried while on vacation?

I’ll pick two of my favorite places (Especially since I know who asked)! Both are in Imperial Beach, CA.

The Tin Fish Restaurant is at the end of a long pier and is totally worth the visit! The fish tacos are the best. Man, I miss their tacos.

The IB Forum is the most southwest bar and grill in the US and isn’t too far from The Tin Fish. It has a cool atmosphere. They have an electronic game that you can play while you are waiting for your food. You play against people all over the country. It’s pretty cool. I can’t remember my favorite main dish (it’s been YEARS) but I remember their onion rings were awesome! Their Cherry Bombs are awesome too!

I can’t find a picture of either place (I know I have them) so here is a picture of a cactus flower instead. I took it one spring while I was in San Diego.


Where is the nest located?

Sparky’s nest is located right outside my kitchen window. I am on the second floor and take the pictures from my balcony.

Do you have a blogging schedule?

Well… sort of. Not really. Kind of. Like, I have a plan but it hardly ever plays out the way I plan it. I’ll make a longer post some time this coming month. I am not sure I am really the authority of blog planning but, I will tell you how I plan it out in a later post.

I don’t really do anything special. I just want to write and share stuff and try to stay positive and be happy and all that fun stuff.

Here is an adorable kitten… I really need to clean out my photo folders.


Questions From This Week … Answered!

I get questioned throughout the week about my blog and posts. My squirrel, Sparky, working in the background suggested that I make a post each week of the questions people asked. Her thinking was, if one person asked you, other people may want to know too. Good idea!

How is this different from MAILBAG! posts? These weren’t sent through email, comments, or any other social media site. These are questions my friends and family members asked in person, through text messages, or in chat.

Question 1: Did you reschedule the sleep study?

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