Setting My Quit Date to Quit Smoking

As a present to myself this Valentine’s Day (funny, I don’t celebrate it, but hey! What a great day!) I picked today to be my quit date to stop smoking.

This last class we went over our quit plan. We also went over short-term rewards and long-term rewards. My short-term Stop Smoking reward will be chocolate, a pizza party (beginning of next month), and getting to dye my hair. Dying my hair will probably be a little further out, like about two months, but I look forward to it! My long-term goal is going to be a book for myself called “365 Days of Fresh Air”. Each day (or close to it) I will journal my experience, draw, create, write a poem, or do something to mark the time passing; and at the end of the year (Next February 15) I will it into a book form, self-publish it, and buy a copy to keep and show off.

As a reminder of how far I have come with quitting smoking, I will make a bead for every day I don’t smoke and put it in a mason jar. I got the idea from “switched At Birth” where Bay’s birth mom tells her about being an Alcoholic. She tells her about these chips she gets and keeps out in her living room, that help her visually see to help remind her of how far she has come. I don’t have chips but I do love making beads! So each day I will add a bead to my jar to help remind me how far I have come in my journey to not smoking. And since “quit smoking” and “not smoking” are so negative, I am renaming the whole concept for myself. It is now “breathing fresh air”.

I’ll update on how it goes. That is one of my ways of dealing with the stress. Journal more!

This Week I Challenge Myself

I am three cats short of crazy cat lady. Later today, I will reach my goal! My friend, Desiree, is moving in with her mom because her mom has cancer and needs some extra help. The only thing is, she can’t take her cats unless they put them in the old chicken coop outside. I have a soft spot in my heart for these cats since we raised them from two weeks old. The momma cat died and we became momma.

I just can’t see putting them out in the cold coop. I know, they will have heat, shelter, food, and water… But, I just can’t see it happening. So I am taking them in. which means I will have to make double batches of cat food! But at lest they will be inside. Right? Right!

Yesterday was the tobacco seminar. We started exploring our reactions just before our triggers for smoking. This week, we’ll try the AAA method of not smoking. We don’t have to skip every single cigarette. We’re just challenging each other. The three A’s are: Avoid, Alter, Alternate.

Avoid is obvious. We try to avoid the trigger. While that doesn’t work for every trigger, there some we can avoid. My big one is smoking with friends. So I’ll try avoiding one trigger “friends are smoking so must I” times. I’ll stay instead and crochet a few rows on the scarf I am making. At this point, I should be able to crochet a blanket to cover a house! It worked yesterday for avoiding a stress trigger so, I am happy with that Smile

Alter is where you alter your activity so it doesn’t trigger your habit. If you smoke while you are drinking coffee, switch to juice. Forget that! I’ll just add flavored creamer to my coffee. I am still thinking of times I can alter or things I can alter. I did think of one but I haven’t done it yet. I always smoke on my balcony. So, this week, I am going out on the balcony with a cup of coffee, not smoking, and just enjoying the fresh air.

Alternative is where you substitute your smoking with a different activity. I am already getting pretty good at that one. I skipped three cigarettes yesterday by crocheting instead.

This is a good challenge for me because it makes me feel like I have something to work for, something to look forward to.

I am off for now to get my other blogs done for today and to start organizing for our new kitties.

See, I am crazy! I am now Crazy Cat Lady!