Frequently Asked Questions 

I already have a couple to start answering. If you have questions that aren’t on this page, you can ask me in the comments section or head over to the Contact Me page. I won’t publish your name without your permission.

FAQ about the blog

Where is your FAQ page? You had one on the last blog but not one here.

Answer: HERE IT IS! You’re Welcome. Now I will work on populating it with questions.

What is a “Squirrel Alert”?

I have A.D.D. which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. I tend to think of random things and get excited about it. Since this blog is about me, I occasional add a SQUIRREL ALERT to let you know I am deviating from the topic of the post. I got the idea for the alert because there is a squirrel living in the tree out my window and I tend to stop mid sentence and announce “OH! Squirrel!” and then forget what I am talking about. The image of the squirrel that accompanies the squirrel alerts is the real squirrel in the tree.

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